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Pandora Camper Pro RV

Pandora Camper Pro RV

The Camper Pro 



Long range Pager Remote, Bluetooth tags, plus SmartPhone control through GSM & Bluetooth. Notify you anywhere in the world! full tracking and vehicle location. AntiHijack car jacking protection with remote vehicle shut down, from your smartphone. 



Camper pro PACKAGE 

The most advanced security package in the world! This package is our flagship system designed for the owner who wants maximum security and all the features Pandora offers all rolled into one! Includes control from both immobiliser keys, long range OLED display pager remote and full smartphone control through GSM & Bluetooth. Plus real time tracking and location and adjustable Geofence. Emergency panic button with microphone in car, which will automatically call up to 2 phone numbers of your choice in an emergency or accident. 


If you are an android or iOS user, everything can be adjusted via the smartphone app through GSM or Bluetooth. You can turn on and off sensors or adjust the sensitivity from inside the app it self. Change notifications set up, monitor, control and track your car real time. Also works with most smart watches 


Package also includes anti Hijack, Pandora Car jacking protection. This means that if you are ever in a situation were you are forced to leave your vehicle by a car jacking, your alarm will take control killing the engine at a safe distance. This can also be activated by the owner remotely by calling the alarm system and entering your unique 4 digit code. 


Hidden wireless immobiliser. Added layer of security. Hidden somewhere in the car and cutting a main circuit to the vehicle. No wires to follow, no signal used when the alarm is armed, so completely undetectable. The perfect hidden extra layer of security to keep your vehicle that extra protected. 


This package really is the ultimate security systems. It has everything needed to keep your vehicle where you left it and you in full control. You will also be constantly connected to your vehicle, through GSM and your smartphone 24/7 no matter where you are in the world. As well as RF through the long range 1 mile pager remote.


  • OLED Long Range Remote BLUETOOTH pager remote
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 4G GSM 
  • Battery back up siren 
  • M7 processor 
  • GSM smartphone control Anywhere in the world
  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 
  • Tracking and real time location
  • Smartwatch control 
  • 2 x Pandora immobiliser tags
  • Minimum of 2 x engine immobiliser 
  • Controlled from vehicle factory remote.
  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 
  • 128 Bit Encryption on tags and app
  • 120db siren 
  • Anti-hijack with worldwide shut down
  • Tilt sensor  - Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.
  • Dual Shock sensor  - Detects hard impact Light impact. 
  • Motion - Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing.
  • Handsfree arming & disarming 
  • Option to add - Remote engine start.
  • 2 x Bluetooth Immobiliser tags
  • up to 4 x Engine Immobiliser points 
  • Anti HiJack - Car jacking protection
  • Remote engine shut down from mobile phone (Antihijack)
  • 120db Siren
  • remote engine start*


*Extra modules maybe needed for remote start to work on your vehicle.


For more info, click link below.



    Returns are excepted up to 7 days after purchase. Postage cost covered by purchaser. Item must be returned it's sealed packaging, unopened. 


    We ship internationally. please allow 4-10 days for delivery. Price for delivery to your region quoted in checkout area.

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