Pandora Light

Pandora Light

SKU: DXL0050L V2

Pandora Light is a service security system with a two-way radio channel. System features are enhanced by digital interfaces that was previously used only in premium systems: 2xCAN/LIN/IMMO
KEY. Now the system allows implementing more functions via CAN-bus. The system supports the full list of cars for which Pandora has an algorithmic bypass of an original immobilizer.

To support remote start function, the system provides integrated algorithmic immobilizer bypass to avoid using additional modules or leaving a key in a car. It can also remotely control popular engine preheaters. Pandora’s advanced algorithmic sensors allow the system to distinguish various events, like jacking in case of wheel theft attempt and give corresponding notifications, even when the engine is running in remote start mode.

New Remote Control

A new remote control provides control of all modes of the security system and car state. The remote control has an informative high-contrast OLED display that can show a variety of telemetric data including all security zones, temperature, voltage and fuel level.