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Pandora VS22d - Dual Proximity sensor

Pandora VS22d - Dual Proximity sensor

SKU: VS22d

2 zone internal motion & extenal warn away. Also know as a Proximity sensor, microwave sesnor, dual zone motion sensor, duel zone volume sesnor. Designed to hide inside the vehicle hidden under pannels, soemwhere in the centre oif the cabin. the internal zone will instantly activate the alarm systsm on any motion inside the cabin area. External zone, if broken will give warning beeps from the alarm siren, if someone comes to close to the side of the vehicle. This warns any potential thief a Pandora alarm is fitted. When fitted with a Light pro, smart or elite, all warning notifications will show instantly on the remote or smartphone app.


Note: Sensor will only work through glass or plastic. it will not pass through the metel panels of the car. Some metel based window tints will also stop transmission. 

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