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Pandora Mini BT

Pandora Mini BT

SKU: DXL0110Lv4

The Mini BT is design to work securely with your factory key. When you press the lock/unlock button on your car key, the Pandora system will search for the Pandora wireless bluetooth tag. If the Tag is not present the system and its engine immobiliser will stay fully armed. Fully protecting your vehicle against the latest key cloning & relay theft. Package also Includes full Bluetooth control through your smartphone (IOS & Android) This allows the user to set the system up to their own enviroment and also reading full vehicle perimeters through your vehicles digital CANbus network. System also comes with a TILT - MOVEMENT - IMPACT sensor, protecting every corner of your vehicle. The Mini BT includes Pandora’s Anti-Hijack system protecting you against car jacking. If you are pulled out of the vehicle the system will safely kill the engine, stopping the thief from driving off with your pride and joy. 

What’s included 


  • Arm & Disarm securely from factory remote
  • 120Db external siren 
  • 2 x immobiliser Tag - 4.2 Bluetooth wireless 
  • Pandora BT - Bluetooth app. IOS & Android
  • Protects against Relay & OBD port Key cloning
  • Extra sensors - IMPACT - MOTION - TILT
  • Engine immobilisers
  • Anti-Hijack (Car Jacking Protection)***
  • Secure unique 4 digit override code 
  • Remote Valet mode via Smartphone app 
  • Hand free Locking/unlocking****
  • Option to add remote start *May need immobiliser bypass module


For more info, click link below.



Demo video fitted to our Audi RS7



  • For more info, click link below.

    For more info, click link below.

    MINI BT 

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